October 7, 2013

Papa Todds Birthday

We celebrated my dads birthday the other night with him.  Baby Chloe got him her first card.  We had to scratch out the word Grand and just leave PA and he hates being called Grandpa.  Says it makes him feel old.  My dad was in the middle of his 4 day work week of 12 hours a day so we didn’t/weren’t able to do much for him as he has to get up at 4am for work.  So we took him dinner from Sonnys BBQ and this Cream Cheese Chocolate Cake. +

October 2, 2013


Miss Chloe has started to smile and finally really recognize mommy.  Right off she knew her daddy.  She would open her eyes as soon and she heard his voice.  But now she is cooing and reacting to me.  She has also found out she loves to watch herself in the mirror.  she will sit the and "talk" to herself. It is so sweet.  It is just the sweetest thing in the world to watch you child grow and learn..

This is one of my favorite pictures of her and her daddy. +

Miss chloe has also now been sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT FOR 8 WEEKS!  She started sleeping through the night at 2 weeks old.  We have kept her on a routine.  This was the trick with us.  She usually sleeps about 7 hours each night on average.  The other night she slept for 9 hours.  I have to say, we are very lucky +