March 30, 2012

Family Portraits

Steven of Estes Photography photographed all of our wedding pictures.  So he calls me up a few months before the wedding and wants to take some pictures with my dogs for his website. So I got a few family pictures, after my dogs are my babies for now :) 

These two on the couches are my favorites! 

Happy Saturday Ladies :)

March 23, 2012


I Confess.. That I feel like this week has just flown by like  crazy.  I only had one day to get ready for my show this week, and the rest I was working every day. And today, we are leaving.

I Confess.. I still have a few things to do before we leave today, like pack my suitcase.  I hate packing for a trip.  Bc I feel like I need to take all these things, but then I never use them while I'm gone.

I Confess.. I'm sad about leaving my husband and the pups :(

I Confess.. I am obsessed with Carries new song. Good Girl. If you haven't seen the video please do so. So I leave you with this. Have a great weekend ladies :) 


March 21, 2012


I just love Essie polish. It goes on so so smooth.  But I have some issues.. I am super impatient. haha. I will paint them but I wait about 10 minutes before try to do anything. But I still seem to mess them up. Any tips? [all pictures are from pinterest]

I love nails polished in pictures along with the nail polish bottle because then you can tell what the color actually looks like on your nails.

Essie Spring '12 Collection

This is me trying to paint my nails. They turned out okay. But yes the picture is like HORRID. I have NO idea why it is yellow?!

March 20, 2012

Hitting The Books

So I have finally figured out what I want to do as my career, and I am just super stoked! 

I just realized I can apply for graduation in 4 weeks!  How exciting is that?! Talk about motivation to get all my homework done ;)

This summer I will graduate with my AA in Business Administration.

I will enter the fall semester for my BAS in Health Services Administration.

After completion of my BAS, I am applying to the Medical Diagnostic Sonography program.

I'm hoping I can find a job in a womens center or something like that.  I will definetly take what I can find, but that is what I am hoping for.

OTHER GREAT NEWS: My husband has been accepted to college also. He isn't sure what he wants to go for yet. If he is like me he will change his mind a zillion times. lol.  He plans on starting classes this summer.  :)

March 19, 2012

Daily Make Up

My Daily Make Up Routine

daily make up

1. Mary Kay Time Wish Face Wash and Lotion (Night and Day)

2. Make Up Forever HD Primer

3. Make Up Forever HD #117 (Yes Im Pale)

4.  Make Up Forever HD Finishing Powder

5. MAC Blush

6. Loreal Eye Liner

7. Maybelinne Volume Express Lash

March 13, 2012

Wedding Recap 5

Lets Meet The Boys

My Groom. Christopher. <3

Best Man. David. Chris's older brother. My Brother In Law :)

Groomsmen JD. One of our Best friends.

Groomsmen Aaron.  One of our other Best friends.

Groomsmen Brandon. Chris's little brother. My little brother in law :)

Groomsmen Carlton. Chris's friend from when he was a little one.

Our Ring Bearer Caleb. One my best friends, Christina's little boy. He is so handsome in his tux ;)

March 12, 2012

Wedding Recap 4

 My Groom.

We didn't get too many pictures of the boys getting ready for the big day.  Chris wasn't too keen on the idea of being followed around by a camera so he didn't look so happy in few (not posted). But the ones we have turned out great! 

The Boutonnieres

The Best Man David and Groomsmen JD.

I love this picture of all the guys.

Where else would they be after getting ready? Of Course. The Bar! 

Groomsmens Gifts.  An engraved stainless steel flask.

March 11, 2012

Blogger Button Help

Life Is Better Blonde

I have had quite a few people ask about how to make buttons, etc.  Well I just wanted to share this with everyone so everyone can go try it. It's super easy.  They have a step by step tutorial with pictures on how to do this.  I know I NEEDED the pictures to figure out exactly how to do this.  The hardest part is making sure you get your HTML codes correct.  Good Luck Ladies :)

March 9, 2012

Sunshine Blogger Award

Here are the Sunshine Award rules:

1. Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.

2. Answer 10 questions about yourself.

3. Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers.

4. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.

5. Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

Here are the 10 Sunshine Award Questions:

Favorite Color:

Pink :)

Favorite Animal:


Favorite Number:


Favorite Non Alcoholic Drink:

Cherry Limeade

Preference: Twitter or Facebook.


My Passion:

My marriage, my family, and my friends.

Giving or Getting Presents:

I love both. I love to get presents, but then again I love buying things for other people and wrapping them up oh so cute :)

Favorite Pattern:


Favorite Day of The Week:


Favorite Flower:

Hydranga's and Orchid's

Now I nominate:

1. Crissy at a Berry Sweet Life
2. Stephanie at a Beautiful Mess
3. The Mama at Just The Two Of Us
4. Christin at a Classy Southern Wife
7. Kristen at All In My Twenties
8.  Brynn at Being Brynn
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10. Daphne at Flip Flops and Pearls

Calling All Bloggers.. and Friday Confessional

I Confess.. I feel like I have worked my butt off lately.  Im just totally exhausted.  But I'm super ready for my weekend to begin.

I Confess.. My weekend will be consist of.. 

Tanning on the Kingsley Lake.. Im so ready for this FL Sunshine..

I confess.. I have been reading like crazy lately. I've been finding these super cheap books on iBooks for $.99 and some for free. They are only about 300 pages each, but they are still really good. 

I confess.. I have this great idea... Lets sponsor eachother other.

Okay, so I see all of these blogs about sponsorship, etc.. But they all want at least $20 a month to do this.  I have a better idea.. * in my opinion* Lets swap buttons for a while, weeks, month, months, etc.. You pick the time frame.  So lets swap buttons for a while, both of us get the sponsorship with out having to put our an arm and a leg for it. Lets face it. $20 a month.. I can spend that on a new dress, make up, hair stuff, jewelry, a birch box, etc. So lets sponsor each other for free and see where it gets us. If you are interested, please leave a comment or email me at  I would love to do this with you ladies.

Have a lovely weekend ladies! :)


March 8, 2012

Its Okay Thursday..

Its Okay.. That Taylor and I made these totally yummy Chocolate Covered, Reeses Cups Filled Oreos :) {Image via here.}

Its Okay.. That we took the 4 wheelers out this past weekend to go play in the mud. Ours is the Lime Green one :)

It Okay.. That Heather and I took our pups to the beach yesterday.  And this little bit tried to run away from me chasing seagulls!

March 3, 2012

Blogger Meet Up

So this past Saturday night, Taylor and I had our first blogger meet up.  Taylor is from The Presutti's blog, you should definitely go check her out. She had just moved from TN, So I was super happy to finally be able to meet a fellow blogger.  I have always read about other bloggers doing all these meet ups, I had just never lived close enough to anyone until now :)

So anyway, we met at Apple bees for dinner Sat night and brought our Hubs with us.  Little did we realize we were in there for 2-3 hours and didn't even know it.

Then Taylor and I met up this past Wednesday at Chilis for some lunch.  Then we did some shopping and then found a recipe to bake off of Pinterest. Turns out we both love sweets, but have the pickiest hubbys who won't touch them. So the more for us. ;) 

We baked these Peanut Butter Brownies.  The recipe calls for a pretzel bottom on the pan, but we decided against that.  All you need is peanut butter cookie mix, a bunch of reeses cups, and a brownie mix. Mix it up. Bake it. Yum :) 

Picture via Pinterest. But you can find the full recipe here for it.