June 15, 2012

Friday Confessional

I confess.. Today is My Birthday and I am totally excited! Even though I do feel kinda old now :)
I confess.. The hubs and I went to my parents last night for a Birthday dinner with them, some cheesecake, and present opening. They are the best. Love them :)
I confess.. We are going out to the Cheese Cake Factory with our friends to celebrate.
I confess.. Im in LOVE with some of my Birthday goodies so far. ( Yes momma, I love my Mac Book case too! I just don't have a picture yet!)

I confess.. I did another DIY project this week. LOVE IT :)

I confess.. My hubs bought me a new toy. Have I shown this yet?


I confess.. I am an organizational freak. I just love to organize and re decorate ALL THE TIME. I was bored the other morning (at like 7:30 AM) So I transformed my dining room.

I confess.. I am so glad it's finally Friday. I am ready for the weekend.

I confess.. I am kind of umm.. am not doing so hot in my Financial Accouting class. So my MIL volunteered to tutor me through all my accoutning classes..through December. She is the sweetest :)

Happy Birthday To Me

That's me 22 years ago today. Happy Birthday to me. It has been a wonderful 22 years so far, and so many more to go. Thanks for bringing me into this world Momma and Daddy. Love you :)

June 13, 2012

Lady A Concert

The girls and I went to this great concert back in May. Lady A, Thompson Square, and Darius Rucker. I totally forgot to check my camera before I left, so my batteries died half way though Darius Rucker performing so I don't have any pics of Lady A, Which sucks. But the concert was great and we had really good seats :)

June 9, 2012

Blogging Funk

Have you ever gotten into a blogging funk? Well I have.. For the past month.. I haven't blogged in almost exactly a month.. I started taking two Summer A classes on May 14th, Chemistry and Financial Accounting. Well let me tell you. Do NOT taking Accounting as a summer class. All I do is study for the class.. That is my life.. Then there is my wholesale business, that has totally taking off too. It's crazy (but good) the amount of orders I have to get done.  But, it is sad to say I pretty much FORGOT I had a blog. I logged on here one time week, couldn't figure out one little thing to write. I promise to you ladies, I won't forget again.
Have a good weekend :)