August 31, 2011

It's Football Season

It's Fall.. It is Football Season! This is my favorite time of the year.  We are all huge Florida Gator Fans! First game is this Saturday. Of course we are going. I wouldn't miss it for anything!

Tailgating for all hours of the day.  Dressing crazyyy as blue men.  So some of us get all decked out for the Gator Games. Last year we had this blue man suit and i actually painted another guy blue with acrylic paint!

Taking tons of pictures. And drinking excessively.   And yes that is the stadium behind us.  Our parking pass is just that good ;) I may not know like anything about football but I do know that is just tons of fun screaming with everyone else is the crowd. haha.

So Chris just  bought himself one of these babies right here.. Now this one isn't his but it's closse. A 2011 Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab Z71 4x4. Blah blah blah. Anywho. He like babies this truck. He is so scared to get one little scratch in the bed or anything. Little does he know I plan on decking this truck out for the Gator Game this weekend ;) *sorry babe..* He reads this blog just about every day :)

August 27, 2011

Bridal Portrait Advice

Today.. The Bridal Portrait.. Was so much fun.. Momma, My future sissy Jessica and I went.  We took them where I am actually getting married at.  Okayyy ladies.. 2 tips when taking bridal portrait pictures.. Take plenty of people with you to help.. first of all you can't get dressed by yourself without messing up your hair and make up.  2nd.. You cant carry your iphone, dress, and bouquet all at the same time.. You can't have your dress getting dirty by dragging the ground..

Take plenty to drink, or just don't take them in the hottest part of the day! We took lots of pictures in the atruim, then we went outside, fountains, gazebos, grassy areas etc.. Ladies wearing a wedding dress in the heat.. Not  a good idea. I am fainted! It was right before we got done.. We were walking over to take pictures with a fountain, and I just stood there for a second.. I was like "momma I can't see" so shes freakin out. . Im freaking out.. I couldn't see.. My eyes totally blacked out.. I thought I was fainting.. Ugh I hate that feeling! So yes take plenty of people to catch you if you fall from fainting from the heat and take plenty of water ;)

August 26, 2011

Friday Confessional


Wedding Confessions.. :)

I confess.. This is like the only post I can ever get around to doing.. My life is sooo swamped right now with things to do. I have 3, maybe 4 craft shows to prepare for this fall.  Planning MY own Bridal Shower, and last minute plans on the wedding, and finding land or a house.

I confess.. I am kinda bumped out.. Well if your girls are from Fl or the East Coast.. You this damn hurricance Irene.. Yes I was going to do my Bridal Portrait today in St. Augustine but the wind will be so bad and the rain.. Rain and Me n My Wedding dress outside for Pictures. Um Hell No. Not going to happen. So we had to reschedule for tommorow!

I confess.. I am super excited about my future sissy coming over for dinner tonight and helping me with wedding preperations.. Ladies.. if there is one piece of advice I can give you about planning your own wedding is to (seriously) devote a lot of your time into planning and diy projects or get a wedding planner.  DIY projects are fun but can be stressful.

I confess.. make sure you have a kick@$$ maid of honor or a couple bridesmaids that want to help in your wedding plans. It is sad to say but VERY TRUE**You find out who your real friends and family are when planning a wedding.** It really makes a huge difference. It is so much more fun when you have friends or family who is interested in it to :)

I confess.. I will be doing some wedding how-to's, pictures, advice, etc after I get married and back from the honey moon. Until then I will most likely be slacking on the posts.  I would love for some girls to do some guest posts for me? Any one interested?

August 22, 2011

The Bacheey Cruise

So I took a cruise last summer, well the food on here was soo much better.  We ate plenty and plenty of food this time.  Dressed up every night. And put on those heels. 

I love these shoes.  These are actually my wedding shoes but I figured I need to wear them in so where better than on the cruise on elegant night.

Me and the girls, and Me and my momma.  We took soo many picturses.  I have more pictures from this night alone dressed up than from any other night on the cruise.

I had to make the trip to Senior Frogs. I LOVE this place.  The Yards of alcohol.  The *ASS* chairs at the bar.  I met this bachelor of his cruise too while we were there. 

Future Reference for you ladies..  The balcony rooms on carnival are much smaller than the interior or ocean view rooms.  Wow. We had three girls in my room.  Two twin beds and a bunk bed over our heads when we sleep.  Talk about a cramped up space!

August 17, 2011

We leave tommorow morning for my wonderful Bachelorette Cruise.  We are leaving out of Port Canaveral. Going to Nassau. Then coming home.  It is a short cruise but it will soo be a blast.  I am just super excited.  These poor girls coming with me. They have to get up at the crackkk of dawn. Be at my house by 7:45 so we can leave.  Can you say Mimosa ;) 

Maid of Honor: Kaylann
Bridesmaid: Christina
My momma and her friend

So, all of my attendants aren't coming, you know that work and money thing ;/ Oh Well.  Chris is going on his Bachelor Cruise, with the boys, Sept 15 to the Bahamas and backk. 

I used to work for a car dealership.. Well the VP.. who also owns Promos N Such made me these amazzing shirts for the cruise as part of our wedding gift. Super excited.  Some Pics to come later :)

August 16, 2011


This Girl, Mrs Stephanie, of "A Beautiful Mess"  is doing a lovely giveaway because she has hit over 400 followers!  Check her blog out and sign up for her giveaway here. Follow her blog, leave a comment, tweet about her, and blog about her giveaway and your entered :)

Now I will be on my Bachelorette Cruise in 2 days.   Thursday morning we leave. The girls and I are just super excited and cannot wait.  One of my old bosses, and friend is making us Bachelorette Cruise shirts.  I should get them today. I can't wait to show them to y'all!  The future hubs made me buy a fake "rock" to wear on my cruise. I can't take my real engagement ring because I might loose it.  So I went and bought one at Claires for a whole whopping $3.00.  Yep, The rock fell out already.  That didn't take long!! Until tmrw ladies.. See ya :)

August 12, 2011

Friday Confessional

I confess.. I am super stoked. I leave Thursday AM for a my Bacchhhy Cruise ;)

I confess.. Im freakin out.. I have a month and a half to finish planning this wedding.

I confess.. I am helping my mom plan my own bridal shower. These are some ideas I have..

Having 2 things to drink.. Punch and Sangra in containers like these.. With cute little signs..

Small super cute wrapper favors for the guests..

You know those normal plain drink cups.. Dress them up with some personalized stickers.

I confess.. I find it AKWARD.. At my bridal shower.. you know you sit there open yours gifts while everyone "OOhhss and Ahhs" Can you say AKWARD. Im thinking with a glass of wine I can handle this ;)

I confess.. I had a late lunch with my future sissy. It went Great :)

I confess.. I am so ready to move outta this house.. Woah am I more ready than ever..

I confess.. I am ready for this weekend! See you lovely ladies later ;)


August 8, 2011

Running and Wedding

We all went to one of my dads runs he does in down town Jacksonville these past weeks. Some of the races were three races in 24 hrs and the other one was one 3 mile race. I did not realize how many people came to these things. Wow.

Well 62 days and I will be getting married. Time is FLYING BY!! I thought having 10 months to plan a wedding was enough time, but it's not. Definetly not when you are working and going to school. I am almost done with everything but it's all the small minor details I forget. Invitations went out last week. Here is just some of the invites we sent out.

Here are our invitations.  Yes, I blocked out the address. But they are pink and black of course.

I found some of my wedding stuff off of etsy.  I love everything I have gotten.  If you buy from the same lady did, make sure you purchase these about 3 months in advance. It took over 12 weeks to get my guestbook. But it does look great!

August 5, 2011


I confess.. I am now a horrible blogger. I only blog once a week. FAIL.
I confess.. I am super happy with my life and the way things are going.
I confess.. Im filling is as the receptionist for today and I'm about to go crazy. Im super bored.
I confess.. I am finally almost done with wedding stuff.
All thats left to do is buy Table #s, Table # holders, Place cards, Picture matte, and some DIY programs. And I will be DONE!
I confess.. We are eating tonight with my future sissy in law. Can't wait :)
I confess.. Im dieing to move. I live in this little po-dunk town that has nothing but a walmart. I need to be closer to the beach and a bigger city.
I confess.. I barely passed my math class this semester. I made a "C". Thats horrible!! This class kicked my @$$ totally, going over stats and crap. ugh.
I confess.. I bought the best bridesmaids gifts for my girls. Well I love them.. haha I hope my girls do!