February 24, 2014

Jacksonville Zoo

We had our first trip to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens this past January.  I think I had more fun than Chloe did, lol, but Im glad we went! 

Mommy and chloe

Daddy and Chloe

February 17, 2014


We decided to have some fun on Valentines Day this year and had our own little photo shoot. Heres just a few pictures of the fun we had!


February 15, 2014

So Lets Play Catch Up

So Lets Play Catch Up!

Miss Chloe Dean is almost 7 months old.  In 2 Days! That just seems so unreal to me.  It doesn’t seem like I was in the hospital with her 7 months ago, or that I have been taking care of my little turkey for 7 months now. That’s crazy! Where in the world does the time go?!
Someone once told me, the older you get, the faster time seems to go.. Well I definitely believe it now! So lets recap!

4 Months Old Doesn’t like strangers or being a huge group of people.  Gets overwhelmed by people pretty easily.  Eating 1 2 meals a day and still at 6 bottles a day.  Found our toes!

5 Months Old giggling like crazy at mommy and daddy.  Saying Mamamama constantly.  Eating 2 meals a day and 5 bottles a day. 

6 Months old Sitting up on our own for super long amounts of time without falling over or being wobbly.  Eating 3 meals a day and having 3 bottles a day.  Our favorite foods are bananas and applesauce.  Going to bed at 8:30 9 pm each night and sleeping until around 7 8 am the next day.  Crawling backwards and up and hands and knees.

This month Likes hitting toys into other things to make noise.  Shakes rattle.  Gets really mad when she gets stuck in a corner from rolling and “forgets” how to roll back the other way.  Screams the second mommy is out of her signt and smiles whens I come back into sight.