October 27, 2011

Friday Confessional

I confess.. I have soo many things to tell you lovely ladies.

I confess.. I'm getting a NEW RIDE.. Maybe tommorrow. I know, I do not need one. But I am super excited.

I confess.. Im at super upset I cannot attend the ass whoopin that GA is going to get by them Gators this weekend.  I had such a blast tailgating last year for the FL/GA game, too bad I cannot go this year. STUPIDLY I signed up for a craft show this weekend to sell my stuff at, so hooray for making $$ atleast.

I confess.. I cannot wait to show you ladies my Bridal Portraits.. Sneek Peak ;)

I confess.. My #1 pet peeve.. People who copy other people. I mean atleast give the person who are copying credit..

I confess..Pinterest is aggravating me. My Iphone app for it, totally sucks. Never works, and if it does, it will freeze, cannot find my boards, or pins something like 2 times in a row. But I am like obssessed with this pinterest.  I dont even know why. but it's fun. Come check me out. MrsSamanthaLynn

I confess. I would LOVE to do a blogger meet up oneday. I love meeting people I blog with.

I confess.. I miss these 2 ladies. I haven't seen them since my wedding. I think I'm having Jessica and Christina withdrawls. lol. Sweet Southern Comfort & Not Your Ordinary Southern Girl


October 23, 2011

Pinterest Mondays

Todays Topic:  DIY Projects

I dont know about you girls, but I love DIY projects.  If I think I can make it, I will refuse to buy it, unless I can buy it for cheaper of course.

How to make your own printable Christmas labels

Making your own dog tags

a blinged out clip board

a recycled t shirt scarf

desktop organizer - a old repainted dish rack

cheap wire hangers for flip flop storage

create a magnet board for all of your make up

October 21, 2011

Have You Check This Out..

Have you seen all of these goodies that I sell?  I am away this weekend at a show in McIntosh, FL.  It's not to far from home but it's take a lot of time to do.  I make all of these cute little things for little girls...

Hair Bows..

Little Girls Aprons ((up to size 8)

And I make all of these for Adults.. 

Full Size Aprons...

And Half Size Aprons...

And Tarts..

2 and 1 ounce cups of scented wax, place in tart warmers and enjoy.

and Roomsprays...

And you can check out all of my items on these links...

Have a Wonderful Weekend Loves :)

October 20, 2011


Its Ok Thursdays
It's okay today is Thursday..
Because tommorow is Friday..
Cheers To The Frikin Weekend!!
It's Okay..
That I have been drinking coffee every single morning this week.  *Not suppose to be drinking caffeine* Have you tryed the Cinna Bun international delight?? DELICIOUS :)
That I have to get up at 4 am Saturday morning for a craft show... $$$
That I have to miss the FL vs GA game this year because I have a craft show that weekend, and will be making some mula.. $$$
That Christmas is right around the corner.  It's my FAV time of the year.
That the wedding & planning is over.. Because now I can sit back and relax.. NO STRESS
That is it finally not feeling like summer anymore. It's wonderful!
That I watch Friends and King Of Queens .. EVERY SINGLE EVENING.. It is like a 4 o'clock ritual now..
That I am rewatching all the True Blood series..((again))

October 18, 2011

Happy List


We have the most amazing wedding I could have ever asked for.  I just wish it hadn't gone by so quickly. This is Chris and I, as we are doing our first dance.

My daddy and I, doing our father daughter dance. I dont know who was crying more. :)

Then we left the next morning for our honeymoon.  It was great, and the views were beautiful.

The first night we were their we didn't get to our cabin until 8-8:30 pm that night.  So we decided to just order in some dominos.  Chicken wings and cheesy bread.  Threw the left overs in the outside trash can.  The next night at like 11:30 were heard a hung bang, I'm freaking out because I'm thinking someone is trying to break in to our cabin.  Chris gets up and peaks out the door.  These little guys were there, going all through the trash can.  One other night we found them on our back porch, beating on the glass windows to the cabin. haha.

I will also be selling all of my linens from the wedding if anyone is interested.  Fuschia and black.

October 13, 2011

florida gator game

I have scheduled a few posts to keep you lovely ladies entertained while we are away honeymooning ;)

Since I know every one who follows my blog knows I am such a HUGE Gator Fan. I will always root for my Orange and Blue.  We always go to any game that we can attend.  Tickets and a Parking Pass is the only way to do it. ;)

Now I dont know about your ladies but to me, I got bored with football. Is that bad to say?
No AT&T cell phone will work in The Swamp. No service. No 3G.  I get so antzy sitting there that long.  Like don't get me wrong, I like cheering on my Gators, but I can't sit still for a long time. Honestly, I'd rather tail gate than sit through an entire game.

Now I am a Florida Girl. I could wear Shorts and flip flops all year long and it would not bother me one bit.  The temp "dropped" to llike 55 degrees after the sun went down at the game and I was shivering I was so cold.  I must be like cold blooded lol.  Everyone's looiking at my like I'm nuts with a jacket on but dang it was cold to me.

I Love this picture :)

Chris and some of the guys we met up to tailgate with at the game.

October 10, 2011


Well we are officially married!

We are honeymooning in the mountains for a week. 

Look at this beautiful view. It can't get much better than this :)


October 6, 2011

Now this would be an oh so perfect example of why you do not plan outside weddings without a back up! Lucky for us we have one lol. We have an inside room reserved just in case, and sadly I think we are going to need it..  And I was so excited about taking pictures outside at the gazebo too.  That would be their first wedding underneath the gazebo and would be using our pictures for some advertising!

On a better note, the honeymoon weather doesn't sound too bad at all.  I cannot wait for this weekend and next week. Today, I am getting my hair  done with momma and finishing wedding programs with my mom in law and future sissy.  Then tommorow me and some girls are going to get our nails done for the wedding, and then I have to go pick up some tuxes for the guys.  (Ha they need me to go incase something goes wrong, which means I'm the one who's gotta bitch if somethings not right lol) Saturday,  packing the car and going to the rehersal  and dinner.  And Sunday is the big day! I am just so excited to be marrying my best friend this coming weekend.

October 4, 2011

Panty Party

These 2 girls planned the BEST party for me. Just a few close friends for dinner and drinks.  My Best friend Christina on the left and my Future Sissy Jessica on the left.  Jessica planned the evening out and Christina brough the supplies ;)

My momma and I. LOVE HER :)

Future Sissy and I

Christina and I

Penis Rings **And in my Florida Gator Colors ;)

Now I would post A LOT more pics on here But my fiance is super nosey. (Love you hun) He reads my blog like daily at work because he gets "bored" lol.

The girls and I finished the night off by going out to a couple bars.  Got a ton of high fives and congrats. And you know there is always a couple of those "ARE YOU CRAZY, YOUR ONLY 21" comments.