February 28, 2011


So I've sat down to right this great blog post to you wonderful ladies.. I cannot think of one possible thing to write about. Can you say brain fart.. Its like my brain just went to mush because I am so tired.. OMGEE.. Uh No good.. So I leave you with this.. Hopefully I'll be back at blogging tmrw..

Night Ladies..

February 27, 2011

Misc Monday

I did some shopping on etsy this weekend and bought some super cute jewelry form Barberry and Lace.  Earrings, Ring, and Necklace. Check out all she has to offer here.

 We didn't do too much of anything this weekend. Went to Dave and Busters, ate at Redlobster, we are getting the Seadoo ready so we can take it out soon and I can learn to drive it.  And I also learned to play the guitar on Rock Band 2. Heck yes. I'm pretty decent at it! ;) How was everyones weekend?

February 24, 2011

February 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

The Wedding To Do List:
(red means completed)
1. Ceremony
2. Reception hall
3. Dj
4. Cake
5. Photographer
6. Videographer
7. Colors : Pink and Black
8. Wedding Dress
9. Bridesmaids Dresses
10. Flower Girl Dress
11. Tuxedos
12.  Flowers
13. Honeymoon Booked
14. Passports for Honeymoon
15. Hair Stylist for wedding
16. Bridal Luncheon [when/where]
17. Shoes  [Im searching everywhere to find these pumps Im dyeing to have!..IN PINK]
18. Rehersal Dinner
19. Save The Dates
20. Invitations
21. Hotel Accomodations
22. Get Registered
23. Card Box
24. Bachlorette Party
25. And the list just goes on and on and on...

Hope everyones week is going LOVELY :)

February 21, 2011

Parrrtttyyyy :)

Chris's mom threw us a lovely engagement party this weekend! We had such a wonderful time.  All the decorations were so cute.  From, the pink and black decorations, personalized m&ms, pink carnations and lilys, to the beautiful pink and black poka dotted cake!  More pictures to come later.. I forgot to take any :(

My MOH/BFF came with me and we met my parents there. OF COURSE, Dad had to make a fashionably late entrance saying "Tom Tom got me lost, or wait I think it was Todd Todd who got us lost". Ha well he isn't so good with directions! lol.

Chris's friend and his fiance got us this wonderful gift.  A super cute snowgloge engraved saying" Best Wishes, Chris and Samantha"  Ah! I Love It!

Well, mom got her pet scan results today.  Good news. Only 2 more chemo treatments.  Most of the cancer is gone.  Some still in the throat and abdomen but nothing to worry about at this point.  Thank Goodness.  Now we can all stop stressing :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


February 18, 2011

New Facial Products

I love these. A friend of mine came over tonight. I got a free make over and bought a couple products from her that I just fell in love with. I recommend these to all your girls out there. You will just love it once you try it.

The Time Wise 3 in 1 Cleanser
Cleanses, Exfoliates, and freshens all in one step.

 Time Wise Moisturizer

Mary Kay Mineral Foundation and Brush
It is sooo light weight on your face, feels like you aren't evening wearing any at all.  Also helps with acne.. and NO make up lines! What A PLUS :)

My Babies are ready for mom to come spend some time with and go to bed.

I mean, who could resist this face?

Good Night Ladies. Have a wonderful Weekend.

February 16, 2011

What Im Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving the fact the my fiance' got me these absolutely gorgeous roses for Valentines Day.  He told me we weren't exchanging gifts this year bc we are saving money to go all out on our honeymoon, but my love suprised me. <3

Im loving the fact that my last day at Beck Chevrolet as a receptionist was yesterday.  I come home, Chris looks at me and says" so how does it feel knowing you never have to go back to work again?'  Me:  "Freaking Spectacular! Duh! :)" A salesman cooked me Chicken Catchetori [ yes mom, I know you are reading this and I know I can't spell at all! :) haha] as my going away meal. Im going to miss them! :)

I am loving the face that I now can concentrate on making aprons and tarts for my show in March in Georgia.  Psst. My aprons are for sale here.

I am also loving the fact, Chris's mom is throwing us an engagements party this weekend! I can't wait!

I am also loving that mom got her pet scan today at the Cancer Center on Gville. That means HOPEFULLY she will be cancer free and only two more chemo treaments to go, to make sure the cancer is gone! SO Lets hope for the best. Prayers and hope..Greatly appreciated :) :)

What are you loving on this fine Wednesday?

February 15, 2011


I won this fabulous giveaway from Lyndseys Craft Spot
She was having such a generous giveaway of Easter stuff.
I just love Easter stuff.  Please go on over and check out her blog!



I am having a GIVAWAY on my other blog.  Samanthas Accessories
Please come and join in on the fun!
  The winner will recieve a $20 gift certificate to my etsy store.  There is many items and patterns to choose from.  Now for the rules:
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Leave extra entries in seperate comments. I will announce the winner Friday morning. 

Items in my ETSY Store:

Polka Dot Raggedys


February 8, 2011

Vet Visit

Poor Harley.  She had to go for her annual visit and shots today at the vet. I took her on my way to work. Stopped by the vet for about an hour. Got her shots, exam, heartworm meds, bleh, ect.  Almost $200 later, I took her to work with me until my lunch break I brought her home.  I felt horrible. I tryed picking her up, and I forgot they gave her shots there, so she started whining when I tryed to pick her up.  I felt so so bad.  When I was leaving her at home from lunch, she wouldn't even look at me. She went and wrapped her self up in a blanket and went to sleep. My poor baby.

I am hosting an Easter Swap on SamanthasAccessories.  Please come and check it out.  The swap will begin the beginning of March and end at the end of March.  So there will be just enough time to get everyones swap gifts out.