December 7, 2010

Whats your favorite thing about Christmas?

I love buying and making stuff for all my friends and family.  Ohh, then wrapping them in pretty paper with huge bows is even better.  I love the look on someones face when they open a present and its just the best thing ever!  It's so magical.  I can't keep the presents I've wrapped underneath my tree this year because Im sure that my two puppies will come rip them open.  They are just like little kids. Always getting into everything of mine.  But I love them so much.

Last night, my maid of honor, Kaylann, came over.  We went and ate some delecious Sonnys, then came home and talked about nothing but the wedding.  We are going to look at the venue this Saturday. I'm so excited.  Mom, Kaylann and I are meeting Chris's mom, and himself over there for a lunch and venue tour.  Maybe afterwards the girls and I will hit Jacksonville and go dress looking and meet one of my Bridesmaids over there. I never realized so much planning came into a wedding. Gah, sometimes I just want to pull my hair out. 

I ordered some sample invitations, save the dates, escort cards, in the mail.  Got some of them yesterday. I love them all. So cute.  I'm debating on buying a DIY Kit or buying the invitations already made.  I've decided on my colors. Damask and Hot Pink :)

We still have so much planning to do.

Have a great day Lovely Ladies :)


  1. Hi! I just realized you're a new follower and we already have so much in common! My colors are damask (black/white) and hot pink too!! Love the animal print/hot pink blog layout!

    Good luck with wedding planning! I am absolutely loving every second of it!! When's your wedding?!

  2. I wish I loved wrapping presents - that's one of my least favorite parts.

    It sounds like you've got so much fun wedding planning ahead of you. I miss those days!

  3. I can tell your busy with wedding preps but you still have time for Christmas presents and all that. I'm your newest follower. Best wishes to your wedding and Happy Holidays!

  4. Those colors sound beautiful and I'll enjoy reading about your adventure on the way to married life. I have been blessed to be married for 44 years and wish you the best.


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