January 27, 2011

Valentines Day Gift Exchange

I just love, love, love getting snail mail! Dont you?! I signed up for this Valentines Day Gift Exchange a couple weeks ago.  It was so fun to do.  My partner was Julie. Please go and check out her blog HERE

Of course you have to take pictures while opening gifts. My fiance' was looking at me like I was crazy taking pics of a box lol.

I recieved all these items.  I LOVE it all! So cute!
A card..A book of love.. socks.. the best chocolate ever she got for me from her favorite candy store up north, pez, lobster loliop and this picture frame.  It even has some bling on it ;)

Tmrw is Friday.. Finally.  This has been one loong work week.. Only a few more to go until I am FREE!


  1. You made it look pretty against the red tablecloth! Isn't it amazing chocolate?

  2. how neat is this! how do you 'become apart' of the exchange? such a neat idea!


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