February 8, 2011

Vet Visit

Poor Harley.  She had to go for her annual visit and shots today at the vet. I took her on my way to work. Stopped by the vet for about an hour. Got her shots, exam, heartworm meds, bleh, ect.  Almost $200 later, I took her to work with me until my lunch break I brought her home.  I felt horrible. I tryed picking her up, and I forgot they gave her shots there, so she started whining when I tryed to pick her up.  I felt so so bad.  When I was leaving her at home from lunch, she wouldn't even look at me. She went and wrapped her self up in a blanket and went to sleep. My poor baby.

I am hosting an Easter Swap on SamanthasAccessories.  Please come and check it out.  The swap will begin the beginning of March and end at the end of March.  So there will be just enough time to get everyones swap gifts out.


  1. Hi! I saw that you did a valentines day swap and I've seen a couple other bloggers do them too. I am just wondering exactly what they are and how you participate. Please help!

  2. Awww, I always hate when they have to get shots! So sad!


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