February 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

The Wedding To Do List:
(red means completed)
1. Ceremony
2. Reception hall
3. Dj
4. Cake
5. Photographer
6. Videographer
7. Colors : Pink and Black
8. Wedding Dress
9. Bridesmaids Dresses
10. Flower Girl Dress
11. Tuxedos
12.  Flowers
13. Honeymoon Booked
14. Passports for Honeymoon
15. Hair Stylist for wedding
16. Bridal Luncheon [when/where]
17. Shoes  [Im searching everywhere to find these pumps Im dyeing to have!..IN PINK]
18. Rehersal Dinner
19. Save The Dates
20. Invitations
21. Hotel Accomodations
22. Get Registered
23. Card Box
24. Bachlorette Party
25. And the list just goes on and on and on...

Hope everyones week is going LOVELY :)


  1. SO exciting!! I just had so much fun planning our wedding :) I tried not to get stressed (hubby's mom would be the cause of the stress!! ha).

  2. LOVE those shoes. OMG if you can find them in hot pink that would be PERFECT!

    Just checked out your wedding website and I love it as well.

    It sounds like things are coming together nicely! Good luck on the planning!

  3. Hey Girl -- here are a couple results I found for glitter pink shoes...I didn't know if you were going for CL's specifically or not...but here are some options


    Looks like you have a lot complete already =) I LOVE the colors!


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