February 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend, Chris came home Friday night with an early Valentines Day present for me. Ha. I think he is just so dang cute.  I put in on my bed Saturday morning.. Well my mom assumed is was her new toy. So she just jumps up and grabs hold of the arm of it. lol. bad dog. geez.

We had a Super Bowl party yesterday too.  I didn't get many pictures though.  We played beer pong and watched the game.  Needless to say. No more parties at my house.  Too much of a mess left for me to clean up.  But how about that half time show? Wasn't is just HORRIBLE?!  Fergie.. OMG..  But Usher was the best part of it all!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Back to the work week.


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  1. I keep reading all these posts about people who thought the halftime show was horrible - I thought it was good but now I'm wondering if I missed something!

    I can completely relate with not having parties at your house! Every time we host a party I say it will never happen again - but somehow I always get suckered into it. :)


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