March 1, 2011

ENC 2210

Hello Ladies! So has anyone taken ENC 2210 English Technological Communications in college? OMG. I mean, I am not one to complain all the time, but holy piss my teacher is KRAZI.. Let me tell you! This is a Spring B class.  That means it's only a half semester long.  Get this:
-18 Written Papers
-10 Discussions
- 1 Oral Component (sent to him via youtube.)
- Plus Exams

This professor is nuts! Ugh. Oh yeah, it gets better. The topic of the first paper is public sector unions (as in Wisconsin), domester drillings and energy production, or gadgets. Woah. Aren't those interesting?!

Only 21 more credits to go and I have my AA in Business Admin! Finally!

Thank you so much ladies for listening to me vent, moan, groan, and compain tonight.



  1. Oh my goodness! 18 written papers? In one course. That seems a little excessive! And here I am complaining about having a test this morning. Poor you! Just keep reminding yourself you are so close to your goal!

  2. Ughhhh lol good luck with all of that! :-)

  3. 18 papers? 18?! I can't even comprehend that for one class!! Are they at least little ones?


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