March 26, 2011

Saturday Questionaire

I found this fun questionaire on Being Brynn. I thought it would be fun to take part in.

1. If you have pets, do you see them as merely animals or are they members of your family? 

These girls are like my kids. I love them to death. Of course they are like family. 

2. If you could have a dream come true, what would it be? My dreams are coming true. I am the future Mrs. Flanders. To be wed in October.  We are planning a wedding and honey. I have the best parents and friends that I could ask for.

3. What would you do with a billion dollars? New House. New Trucks. Charity. Save some.
4. What helps to pull you out of a bad mood?
A big hug and a cherry coke ;)
5. What is your bedtime routine?
Falling asleep on the couch watching House or Criminal Minds.
6. What activities did you do in high school? If you could go back, would you do the same stuff or something different?
I did weightlifting in highschool. I wouldn't change of minute of it except for some of the friends I thought I had.
7. What kind of books do you read? 
Romance. I love Carly Phillips and Diana Palmer.
8. How do you see yourself in 10 years?
30 yrs old.. Eeekk.. Married. Mrs. Flanders.  2 Kids.. Stay at home mom.
9. What’s your fear?
Losing the people I love the most.
10. Would you give up all junk food for the rest of your life for the opportunity to see outer space?
Yes Acctually.
11. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
 Potty and brush my teeth.
12. If you could change one thing about your significant other, what would it be?
When he is grumpy and angry.
13. If you could pick a new name for yourself, what would it be?
I love my name. Future Mrs. Flanders :)
14. If you had to choose between six months of sun or six months of rain, what would you choose?
Sunshine :)
15. If you could only eat one thing for the next 6 months, what would it be?
Chicken. Anything with chicken.
16. What is the thing you enjoy about blogging the most? Getting to know other people.
17. Do you prefer salty or sweet foods?
How about sweet and salty.
18. What items are in your purse right now?
Keys. Wallet. Checkbook. Make up. Umbrella.
19. Name three things on your bucket list. I dont have a bucket list.
20. What do you watch on television that you know you shouldn’t?
Ha everything I watch. Junk. House. Everybody loves Ramon. Yes Dear. Criminal Minds. Wanted Fugitives.
Have a great weekend ladies ;)

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