April 29, 2011

Confessions.. Confessions.. Confessions..

Friday Confessional..

I confess.. That I had this bright idea to watch my fiance's dads red nose pit bull for a week along with my pitbull mix and mini doberman. BAD BAD BAD BAD IDEA. I mean what the hell was I thinking? My pitbull mix was a jealous territorial ugh. pain in the ass. The red nose pit bull wasn't having it and all they did was fight.. For the two hours we had her. After they brought her 1hr to us last night we had to drive her back because I couldn't handle them a week by myself. Because lets face it. If they start fighting a 100 lb girl *me* can't stop them and doesn't wanna get hurt in the process. It was going to be WW3...

I confess.. I been have blogging blues lately.Im brain dead. I mean I love blogging, just nothing to blog about. Bleh. I promise to get back to it :)

I confess.. I am going to be sooo busy these next few months.. I mean lookie.. Oh and I have college classes the entire summer and fall to add to this schedule.

29th - Jessicas Graduation and Brittanys Lingerie Shower.
30th - Brittanys Birthday Party.

May: (OK not so busy in May)
8th - Mommys Day
21st - Brittanys Wedding <3

4th - Krista and Carltons Wedding
(Let the week long celebration of Birthdays Begin :) )
13th - Kaylanns 21st Birthday
15th - My 21st Birthday
18th - Desiraes Baby Shower for lil Easton
19th - Daddys Day

July: (Not so busy month)
15th - Moms Birthday

18th - 21st Bachlorette Cruise

3rd - Bridal Shower
9th - Mellissas Wedding
15th - 18th Chris's Bachlor Cruise
24th - Tiffanys Wedding
30th - Lingerie shower and night out with the girls

8th Rehersal Dinner
9th Wedding Day

And the list goes on and on.


  1. looks like you have a GREAT summer ahead of you!!!

  2. wow! you have a lot going on over the next few months! take a breath while you can!

  3. It goes by fast! Enjoy every moment and take LOTS of pics! xoxo

  4. Be careful you don't blink, you'll miss your summer if you do.

  5. I hate watching dogs fight, it scares me!
    You'll have a GREAT summer! Congrats on your wedding!

  6. I've been in a blog funk myself. That or I'm just lazy? :)

    and holy busy schedule!!


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