May 3, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

Photography: Estes Photography
Entertainment: JSC Entertainment
Florist: Strawberry Patch Florist
Bakery: Owner of Starwberry Patch
Videography: TBD

Wedding Website <3       159 Days to go.. Oct 9,2011 5pm

We are seriously debating whether to really have a videographer or not for the wedding.  Chris says I am never going watch it.. I say I am..I want it.. He doesn't.. Never ending debate ladies.

Registered at: No we have not registered yet. We are going to go do that this month. Luckily he is wanting to go do this so he can play with the "scanny thing". haha.

Engagement Pictures: Yes. We took those last week with the lovely Shannon Whitaker. She is amazing. If you are from the Northeast Florida area.. Please contact her. She is so great to work with! I can't wait to show all you lovely our engagement pictures!

Bridal Portrait: Going to be with Mrs. Shannon Whitaker of course :)

Flowers: Peonys, Hydrangas, Daiseys, Carnations, and Roses.

-The Rehersal-
Booked the rehersal dinner the other night.  I contacted my wedding coordinator and told her " hey we made the reservation for 6pm the Sat we would like to do the rehersal at 5pm for the ceremony and she tryed telling me I had to do that Friday instead" Im like are you crazy. No body does it 2 days before. Its ALWAYS the day before with the rehersal dinner!

Out of town gift bags: It the works. I know what the bags are but no idea what will be going in them yet. We are only going to have a few out of town guests but I want to make them lil gifts for coming. I think Im going to have these waiting for them at check in.

Bridal party gifts: I think we have got this covered at this point. Chris knows what he is getting his guys and I'm 99% sure what I am getting my girls. I can't to show y'all!

-The Ceremony-
Invitations: TDB. We simply cannot agree on the same one. ugh. stress. 
Programs: DIY. Mom and I went to Michaels and found an way cute idea to do programs so they aren't so generic and can be put to use. TBD what is stated on them.

Wedding Rings: Purchased :) Just look at these babies :)

-The Reception-
Linens: Well I am on a hunt to find these for cheaper than what I can rent them for.  I've posted plenty of adds here at Wedding Bee. Hopefully someone will email me soon.

Seating: Seating Charts it is.  More work on me but I think it will be better in the long run. I can put people who I know will want to sit together, together. 

Party Favors: TBD. But will be DIY.  Thinking.. small organza bags filled with candy for each guest attending or candles or koozies or well IDK.

Wishing Tree: Well we are def doing to generic guestbook (its traditional, you have to have it!) But we we also doing a wishing tree.  I am getting these cute cards from the guestbook store and setting them onto a table so our guests can write on them "advice,funny memories, ect"

Wedding Cameras for the tables: CHECK 27 of those!

JSC Entertainment:
First Dance: TDB
Father Daughter Dance: TDB
Mother Groom Dance: TDB
Bridal Party Dance: TDB

Hotel Accomodations: We have reserved a block of rooms for our guests at a special rate.  We reserved 10 for Saturday night and 5 for Sunday night at the World Golf Village. 

Have a great week ladies <3


  1. We didnt have a videographer but one of my husband's cousins just filmed it with a regular video camera. Although I know a videographer would have put together something amazing...the video serves the exact same purpose. I watched it for the first time this past weekend and it was so magical. It really lets you remember little things you forget to acknowledge the day of (ex: music, rose petals, flower arrangements, etc...) I mainly liked the portion of the ceremony that was filmed more so than the reception just because the ceremony went by SO fast. If it's a budget thing and you want to do a video, at least have it done for the ceremony. Just my advice! I didn't think I would ever want to watch it and now I want to watch it every day! :)

  2. love this girl :) so fun to read about your wedding! I love DIY projects that make it personal and has bits of love made by you to your guests :) great ideas! xo ps your band is gorgeous!

  3. We had my aunt video the ceremony. It is perfect. It was free and she got everything. We have watched it twice in the year we have been married: right after we received it and then on our first anniversary.
    If he can't see spending the money on it, see if a family member or friend would be willing =)


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