June 3, 2011


I confess.. I have been eating like a fat kid this week. Nothing but cherry coke, sweet tea, oreos, chips n dip, and cheese cake. I am usually so good about this. I never have any of this crap in the house to eat, but this week, all heck broke loose :?

I confess.. I have been super stressed this week.. I can't seem to get caught up. College Psychology is really kicking my butt!

I confess.. I am so ready for all this wedding planning to be over and done with. Every time I talk to someone about the wedding it's more money, more this, more that. I'm starting to think daddy was right. Just get married on a beach. Sweet and simple. lol.

I confess.. I still have the blogging blues.. I'm still not blogging daily like I should be!

I confess.. I love anything and everything that is monogramed. Wine glasses, coolers, vera bradley, towels, cards, paper, ANYTHING.



  1. I will add I had a double cheeseburger from Mcd's last week- horrible, but it was so good!
    Good luck with the wedding planning!

  2. I am totally eating all the wrong things the last two days! Ugh! I know it and yet it continues...boo! lol

  3. Stress will do that to you -- and there isn't much more stressful than planning a wedding lol. Take a breath you will get it worked out =) It is more all the time =/ BUT do whatever you can to save money and make it personal. And don't invite "God and Country" -- invite those that mean the most to you first and then if you have room on the guestlist, add. but make sure people understand that you are on a budget and that you have limited seating...even if it isn't the case. People are way more likely to be understanding of space constraints lol
    I love the new look BTW!

  4. congrats on the wedding...
    yeah sweet tea!!!


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