June 23, 2011

Weekly Update

I haven't been posting much this past week. I have had so much to do I cannot seem to get caught up.  Im working at Beck again for the week for 10 hour days. So I am totally beat by the time I get home. All I seem to want to do is sleep. 

Last weekend, we went golfing and I kicked butt! Or maybe my fiance just sucks (sorry Chris) ;) And I did a little bit of baby shopping. Between last weekend and last night we have spent a lot of money. Clothes. A 2 Piece bathing suit. I was sooo proud of myself for this.  It took him forever to get him to agree to get her a two piece! Wipees. Plastic plates and spoons. A couple stuffed animals.  Toys to attach to her car seat. We have more clothes, car seat, crib, dresser, stroller, etc on the way here. 

This weekend we are venturing off to New Port Richey. Details about this trip are to come Monday :)

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