July 25, 2011

Make up and Products

I've been using Bed Head (The blue shampoo and conditioner) for forever.  For used, dry, and over worked hair. Well all it has done is take my color out as soon as I get it done. Its horrible. Suave Professionals is 100 X better to use. My hair is so smooth and silky now, and it keeps my color in!

Im super excited my hair is finally getting longer again.  Now quite long enough to curl yet.. But It's coming along. I learned how to curl my hair with my GHD the other day and it was amazzzing. :)

I've been following some blogs and I'm tempting to do some new make up tricks.  Most of what I read is from Duchezz Rox and Confessions of a 2o Something!

I used this Maybelinne EYESTUDIO palette to creat this look. It turned out great.  I need to get more eye shadow and eye products. Any tips of what or where I should get them?

I also need some more things interesting to blog about? I know you lades must get tired of hearing about the wedding and work. So?


  1. Those eyes look so good! And for the record- I never get sick of hearing about wedding planning!

  2. your eye makeup looks wonderful! I may have to try that palette!

    I LOVE hearing about wedding stuff -- it is the most exciting thing in your life!! share with us =)

  3. Such pretty eye shadows!

    I get my eye shadows at Ulta. Not very expensive and lots of pretty colors!

  4. That eye makeup looks gorgeous! I may have to try it sometime!


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