September 10, 2011


I was thinking.. and thinking.. I love to do wedding posts.  So I just had my Bridal Shower, so what better than Bridal Shower Advice. This is NOT a ranting and raving post either. Just some friendly advice.
Always attend showers when your invited and able to. Hey they might return the favor one day and come to yours.
If you are invited, RSVP if asked.
If you are invited, send a gift even if you do not attend.  The bride did invite you because she wants you there!
Brides.. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS send out thank you notes. It is super rude not to.  I cannot tell you how many time this summer I have given gifts to people at showers and weddings and never heard a thank you.  Thank you’s make people feel appreciated.
Also, MOH’s who are planning the showers, ask the bride what she wants.  Games, Food, Etc.  I had a drop in shower and it was great. No Games. People hate playing them anyways.
Have unique party favors as thank you’s for  attending.
Yes it can be very awkward sitting in front of all your future relatives, smiling, opening gifts, pretending to love every one of them.  Sit back have a glass wine and enjoy the day. Wine will ease the awkward moments.

Ladies, I hope this isn’t too harsh. But this is all true.  J


  1. I like your list! I think all of those make perfect send (to normal people!) and weren't too harsh at all!

  2. These rules are all super true and should def be followed! I like the idea of a drop in shower too! :)

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  3. love this post!! so.. you said attend showers ect if you are invited!! let me tell ya what happened to me.. lol.its funny now. 5 years into my marriage.. my bach party.. only 1 of my many friends showed up!! YUP i have several friends too..i can't tell you how disappointed i was.. but me being the nice one i am have went to all of theirs and some since then..i also like the glass of wine while opening gifts!!! i needed do that..


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