September 13, 2011

The minor details every bride forgets

Whether you are just newly engaged or fixing to be married. This post is for you, the bride. These are things that all of us brides forget. The smaller details.
1. Your bridal hanger.  You pay all this money for a photographer, and they will take a picture of your dress on its hanger.  Make sure you have a cute one!

2. Tell your family about your reserved seating. Immediate family only. But if you have flowers on the reserved pews, make sure they know it's for them. Otherwise they may not sit where you want them to.

3. Bring extra cash along. You never know when you will need to tip someone. From your hair dresser, bell hop, bartender, etc.

4. Decide your honeymoon destination early on.  If you are leaving the country, make sure you have plenty of time to get your passport back.

5.If your not shy, say a thank you speech.  Thank your parents for helping you with the wedding, to your bridal party for supporting you.

6. Assign someone to keep an eye on your gift table.  Also assign your maid of honor or mom to collect all your gifts and take them home for you.  The bride and groom do not need more stress than they already have.

7. Emergency day of kit. Extra bobby pins, tissues, sewing kit, thread, girly items, deodorant.

8. Have someone make you and your bridemaids a snack plate.  No one is going to have time to run out and get food for everyone before the ceremony. Their will be way to many things taking place. 

9. Bridal Party gifts. A must.  Shows your appreiciation. :)

10. Don't forget your toasting set and serving set.

11. Something new, Something old, Something borrowed, Something blue.

12. Create an itenary for your bridal party, and relatives.  Time of pictures before the ceremony, after, etc.


  1. My cousin just got married a few weeks ago and one of her bridesmaids made her an emergency kit filled with everything. It was awesome! Definitely keeping that in mind.
    And I also have those hangers on my list for when my time comes ;)

  2. These are great great tips!! Love the one about getting a snack plate! We definitely had one!

  3. so helpful. thank you so much. your blog always has the best post. love it. if you get a second I'd love if you stopped by and maybe followed back. xoxo.

  4. I love these tips & I will definitely keep them in mind for when my big day comes around. LOVE the hanger!


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