October 13, 2011

florida gator game

I have scheduled a few posts to keep you lovely ladies entertained while we are away honeymooning ;)

Since I know every one who follows my blog knows I am such a HUGE Gator Fan. I will always root for my Orange and Blue.  We always go to any game that we can attend.  Tickets and a Parking Pass is the only way to do it. ;)

Now I dont know about your ladies but to me, I got bored with football. Is that bad to say?
No AT&T cell phone will work in The Swamp. No service. No 3G.  I get so antzy sitting there that long.  Like don't get me wrong, I like cheering on my Gators, but I can't sit still for a long time. Honestly, I'd rather tail gate than sit through an entire game.

Now I am a Florida Girl. I could wear Shorts and flip flops all year long and it would not bother me one bit.  The temp "dropped" to llike 55 degrees after the sun went down at the game and I was shivering I was so cold.  I must be like cold blooded lol.  Everyone's looiking at my like I'm nuts with a jacket on but dang it was cold to me.

I Love this picture :)

Chris and some of the guys we met up to tailgate with at the game.

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