October 21, 2011

Have You Check This Out..

Have you seen all of these goodies that I sell?  I am away this weekend at a show in McIntosh, FL.  It's not to far from home but it's take a lot of time to do.  I make all of these cute little things for little girls...

Hair Bows..

Little Girls Aprons ((up to size 8)

And I make all of these for Adults.. 

Full Size Aprons...

And Half Size Aprons...

And Tarts..

2 and 1 ounce cups of scented wax, place in tart warmers and enjoy.

and Roomsprays...

And you can check out all of my items on these links...

Have a Wonderful Weekend Loves :)

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  1. Wow I love all of this fabulous stuff honey! Kori xoxo


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