November 3, 2011

Christmas Card Swap

Is anyone interested in doing a Christmas Card Swap this year? Well good. I'm glad you are! Okay. Here we go. Sign up here. I am hosting this card swap on both of my blogs, Samanthas Accessories and Life Is Better Blonde.  Leave a comment saying you want to join us, and make sure to follow along on my blog if you join the card swap. Depending on how many people sign up, we will send to one person to 5 people each.  If you would prefer to only send a card to one person etc then, let me know in the email.  Sign up starts today and ends on November 19th.  I know it's a long time to sign up and some people might forget they signed up but I will send out an email reminder just incase :) Christmas cards will need to be sent out by the 30th. So everyone will recieve their cards in time for Christmas.
Email me at with your
-which blog you are signing up from (Samanthas Accessories OR Life Is Better Blonde)

We are having a giveaway starting tommorow. Make sure to come and sign up! :)

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