November 26, 2011

Wedding Sale

Hello ladies! I am selling everything from my wedding back in October. All of the linens will be on the next blog sale post. We bought everything. Table cloths, napkins, sashes, table runners, etc. If you are interested in anything I have for sale please email me at And I accept PayPal.

The unity candle set is still all in the box, never been used. Asking $10 plus shipping.

There is 5 vases as the one in the picture. These were used to hold the bouquets during the reception. Asking $10 for all 5 plus shipping.

The damask squares were never used. These came from a girl off of wedding bee and I didn't end up using them. Approx 19.5"x19.5". There is 10 of them. Asking $10 dor all 10 of these plus shipping.

There is 106 bottles of bubbles. Some of them say "we tied the knot" and the other ones have a mixture of pink, black, and silver ribbon tied on the top of the bubble bottle. Asking $6 plus shipping for all of the them.

These shoes were used as place cards at the reception. They have a mixture of pink and black bows on the tip of the shoes. Asking $20 for all 67 of these plus shipping.

There is 64 organza bags all together. 61 of these are light pink and the other 3 bags are fuschia. Asking $8 for all of these bags plus shipping.

4 white vases. Asking $20 for all of them plus shipping.

Invitations 2 sets of 15 each with matching envelopes. Asking $5 for both sets plus shipping.

Please email me at with any questions or best offer. I will send buyer a PayPal invoice. Check back Monday for linens for sale!


  1. Hey there! I would love to have you guest post over at my blog about your wedding! I try to have one bridal guest blogger a week, but haven't had many lately. This can also hopefully help you sell your items because you can include that in the post. Check my blog out for examples. It can be as long as you'd like and even include 5 photos! Just email me at for more info. :)It's open to all followers!!

  2. Where were you when I was planning my wedding?! haha jk. Good luck with the sale! You have cute stuff!


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