December 27, 2011

Curly Hair

I have been totally trying to grow my hair out since I cut it a year ago last August.  Well It's finally long enough for me to start to curl it. So I'm trying to learn how. Okay, I totally suck at it. But reall isn't bad for my first try.  The only problem I am having now is poofing the back, and the back won't stay curling. It's looks so good when I first do it, But about 30 minutes later, the curls just fall out.  But the front stays perfect! Any tips?  I found the hair tutorial I used on AllTheSmallThingsBlog. You should totally check it out. She has super quick and easy hair tutorials.


  1. i know exactly what you mean about curling... i spent most of my christmas break practicing curling watching her videos!

  2. Samantha, I love the curly look.
    The things I learned were to not
    put too much mousse on the root area (it weighs down the hair) and I scrunched it through damp hair. There are also great products that state they are for making curls like Garnier (the green bottles of products) and Bed Head, etc. And a good finishing spray that states
    'holds in humidty' I think that's a John Frieda product. Hope that helps.

  3. I curl my hair with my straightener. I find it to be easy and I think it gives it a little more of a wave than a spiral curl. Maybe try it out!?


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