December 22, 2011

It's Okay Thursday

It's OKAY...

That Christmas in only 3 Days AWAY. This year has just flown by way to fast.

That I am having a New Years Giveaway on Samanthas Accessories. Make sure to join in on the fun! Click Here.

That I am beyond ready to move into a new house and make it our home.

That I have been up for almost 3 hours and have done nothing but catch up on blogging.

That I love giving more than I do recieving.

That Momma and I sent a box full of New Sweaters, Pants, and Barbies up North to one of her friends that helps out at a homeless shelter.

That we went out last night for a couple of drinks. It was wayyy needed.

That momma and I and few other friends baked all day long Tuesday and took plates full to our neighbors and to work.

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