January 16, 2012

Pinterest Monday

I keep saying, Im going to start working out, Im going to start. Today. Then that turns into tmrw, then the next day, and day after that. Well guess what. This day never has came.  When I was in High School. I was Captain of the girls weightlifting team and made 7th Place in the Florida State Match Weight Class 101.  (Tied for 6th but the girl weight .1 less than me!!!) I want to get back into shape like I was in highschool.  i was toned and actually had a butt. Now my butt is gone, and I want it BACK!

I want legs like hers.

[All images via pinterest]

Whats Your Inspiration?


  1. Ugh I totally agree...I didn't work out at all over Winter Break and it's time to get my butt back in shape. No more excuses. Good luck hon! :)

  2. woah girl i def need to post some of these for motivation haha!!

  3. Well these are a bit depressing, haha. Now I want to go to the gym.


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