January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

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These are a few of my favorite gifts from Christmas :)

1. Coach Purse from my Hubby

2. Versace Bright Crystal from my Hubby

3. Pandora Bracelet from my MIL

4. Victorias Secret Perfume from my momma

5. Coach Flats from my MIL

6. Florida Gator Scarf from my momma

Not Pictured:
New Roasting Pan
A Stitch N Paint Quilted Tote
A Stitch N Paint Quilted Jewlery Roll Up
My Toe Socks
VS Yoga Pants
Fit In Six Wii Game

How was everyones Christmas?



  1. Oh love the purse! Our hubbies have good taste! :) Happy New Year

  2. Hi Samantha,
    Golly, you hit the mother lode!
    I got a new washer and dryer and
    a book of historic samplers with
    charts for each one to stitch, a
    copy of the first American cook-
    book from 1796, and patterns and
    more books on American country
    You sure must look fantastic when
    you go out!


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