February 28, 2012

Wedding Recap 3

In this wedding recap I want to introduce you to the sweet ladies that were in my wedding.  These girls are the best.

My Matron of Honor Celena

*LONG STORY SHORT*  I originally wanted Celena as my Matron of Honor for my wedding.  She was living in California at the point because of where he husband was stationed for the Navy.  Well we didn't know where she would be at the time of our wedding, etc so I decided against her being Matron of Honor. I asked someone else I have known  for a very long time. Well about 2 weeks before the wedding,  we stopped being so close and I wasn't getting any help with anything.  I would try to ask her what do you think about this? Can you help me do my own Bridal Shower Invites? ETC..  So needless to say,  I kicked her out of my wedding 2 weeks before the wedding date.  We found out Celena would actually be able to be at the wedding, so I drove up to Georgia where she was staying at the time, with her mamma :) and we found her a beautiful dress and shoes.  Celena is such a sweetheart, and I miss her a lot.  We never get to see each other because we live so far apart.  

Bridesmaid Christina

I have known her for about 5 years now, I think.  We met while I was in high school and we both worked at CVS of Starke.  She up and got married at the mid/end of October, and moved to Kansas in December.  Im thinking I need to fly up there and see them soon :) She has a little boy, Caleb.  Caleb is the handsome little man in my wedding.  The Ring Bearer :)

Bridesmaid Jessica

Jessica is such a sweet girl.  Jessica is my future sissy in law.  She is marrying my husbands brother on March 31st.  Jessica was a huge help with the wedding.  She was always offering her help, and giving me any ideas she had.  She helped with my Bridal Shower and even planned my Lingerie Shower, which was tons of fun!

Bridesmaid Brandi Mae

Brandi is my sister is law.  She is my husbands little sister. She is super sweet.  I've known her for about 2 years now.  It was very important to me to her have in our wedding.  Chris and her and very close. And she is my new sister. Of course she is going to be involved :) 

Bridesmaid Heather

I didn't know Heather to well before I asked to be in my wedding.  We had hung out a few times and she was so sweet, so why not?! I'm so glad I did.  We have gotten so much closer since she was in the wedding.  She went out with us about 2 nights before I got married, and lets just say Christina and her had to take care of me.  

The Flower Girl Little Miss Breleigh

I love this little girl.  We had a hard time getting her and the ring bearer to walk down the aisle together,  We would get them to walk together, then they would decide they didn't want it.  Right before the ceremony she decided she was not going to walk with him, so she walked with Celena my matron of honor.  Poor little Caleb cried the whole ceremony.  Then I found pictures of them at the reception holding hands. It was just adorable. :) I think it is so much cuter when things don't go perfect, such as at the ceremony. It makes it more memorable and it's adorable with the kids.



  1. This is such a sweet post :) all these ladies are lovely :)

  2. Beautiful bridal party! I love that you're so close with your sis-in-law and almost sis-in-law! Nothing better than gaining new siblings :)

  3. Gorgeous pictures! That's great how much closer you have gotten with your wedding party :)

  4. what a nice tribute to your bridesmaids!


  5. So sweet! You make a gorgeous bride! And that veil is amazing.

  6. I never get tired of telling you how beautiful you looked on your wedding day. Your maids and matron looked lovely and the color you chose for the dresses is so pretty.
    Your little flower girl is precious.

  7. That is such a sweet story about your Maid of honor! Glad she was able to make it :)


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