March 12, 2012

Wedding Recap 4

 My Groom.

We didn't get too many pictures of the boys getting ready for the big day.  Chris wasn't too keen on the idea of being followed around by a camera so he didn't look so happy in few (not posted). But the ones we have turned out great! 

The Boutonnieres

The Best Man David and Groomsmen JD.

I love this picture of all the guys.

Where else would they be after getting ready? Of Course. The Bar! 

Groomsmens Gifts.  An engraved stainless steel flask.


  1. omg so cute :) love the pictures! i think zach is going to do engraved money holder for his groomsman! xo

  2. Great pictures! The stainless steal flask is an awesome idea for gifts for the groomsmen. Looks like all the guys had a great time :)


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