June 9, 2012

Blogging Funk

Have you ever gotten into a blogging funk? Well I have.. For the past month.. I haven't blogged in almost exactly a month.. I started taking two Summer A classes on May 14th, Chemistry and Financial Accounting. Well let me tell you. Do NOT taking Accounting as a summer class. All I do is study for the class.. That is my life.. Then there is my wholesale business, that has totally taking off too. It's crazy (but good) the amount of orders I have to get done.  But, it is sad to say I pretty much FORGOT I had a blog. I logged on here one time week, couldn't figure out one little thing to write. I promise to you ladies, I won't forget again.
Have a good weekend :)


  1. Looking forward to your posts! We all get in a blogging funk every once and a while!

  2. We all get in a funk sooner or later, hope you are able to get out of yours soon! Accounting classes are SO time consuming - I had two of them and a math class last quarter, ugh.
    Have a fabulous Monday!


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