October 30, 2012

Anniversary Weekend

The hubs and I took a trip to Orlando a few weekends ago for our anniversary weekend getaway. We had so much fun.  We stayed at the Lake Beuna Vista Palace in Disney.  

Our view of Downtown Disney from our hotel rom.

We went to this wonderful dine in theatre at Downtown Disney.  I had never been to a Dine In theatre so this was pretty neat to me :)

Magic Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

Baby White Rhino

We ate at Planet Hollywood before we headed home from the weekend.  If you have not ate at a Planet Hollywood, you so need to go there! 


  1. Gorgeous ring! Looks and sound like you guys had a wonderful time, super cute pictures (:

  2. YAY! Hope you enjoyed your weekend getaway! We are going to Disney next spring and this just made me even moreeee excited! :) What was your fave attraction there?!

  3. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS RING!! We just got back from Disney a few weeks ago. It was our first trip and we had SO much fun!


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