December 28, 2012

10 Week Bump

How far along? 10 Weeks.. 5 Days.. 205 Days to go
Size of the baby? A prune or peanut
Maternity Clothes? Not yet.. I have a few pairs ready to try out though. I'm living in yoga pants currently.  They are so much more comfy than jeans.
Weight Gain: About 1lb so far I think. Drs apnt next week to know for sure
Stretch Marks? I invested in Palmer's lotion.
Gender? Most everyone, along with me seems to think girl. Chris says boy.
Movement? Not yet…cannot wait to feel those little kicks, though. 

Sleep? Have a few restless night but overall sleep is not too bad.
Food Cravings? Fruit mostly.
What I Miss: Mostly being able to have a social drink with everyone every once in a while. Like Mimosas last weekend a Christmas looked yummy even though I couldn't have any.
Symptoms? Tired all the time. So Ive been taking a lot of naps.  Morning Day and Night Sickness. It hits me at all moments of every single day. And I am keeping a migraine. Does any one have any natural remedies to help with these?
Best Moment of the Week? Actually talking to my mom on the phone today about what dad wants to be called. We are thinking Papa Todd might just have a ring to it. lol.


  1. So cute!!! I'm going into my 20th week!!! I'm guessing you're a girl too! I just found out mine is a girl and now everyone behind me is having girls as well. Whereas everyone just had boys or is having them before April! So maybe you're in the season of girls :)

  2. awww:) Congrats agian! I'm glad you aren't feeling that bad at 10 weeks. I was miserable at that point in my pregnancy! I had HG and it was awful Thankfully it went away at 14 weeks:) Excited to hear all about the pregnancy journey! I'm due in June and it's a baby GIRL!!!

  3. Congrats!

    I love your picture with the chalkboard.

    I feel so sloppy taking pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror LOL.

    I miss having social drinks too. Now everyone just wants me to be the DD if we go anywhere.



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