February 13, 2013

[5 things about me]

5 Things....

you'll find in my purse...
1. wallet
2. maybooks organizer
3. cell phone
4. keys
5. bag of make up

you'll find in my bedroom...
1. bottle of water next to my bed
2. pictures
3. preggo books
3. doggy toys scattered underneath the bed
4. tons of clothes
5. jewelry

i've always wanted to do...
1. vacation to alaska
2. vacation around the world
3. finish college
4. buy our first house
5. win the lottery

i'm currently loving..
1. my sweet husband
2. CMT and GAC
3. pinteresting baby Ideas
4. bubble Baths
5. gary allans - every storm runs out of rain

quirks i have...
1. i am so over people telling me to eat more.
2. i catch myself sometimes talking to my dogs.. i seriously need to get out more than just going to school.
3. i always tend to play with something while i talk, i have to fidget.
4. i always have to have my phone with me.
5. my fingers feels naked without my rings on.

1 comment:

  1. What a fun post! And I've enjoyed seeing the photos of your sweet baby bump. I was very thin when I had my babies and they were all healthy and fine. Just eat good nutritious food and don't worry about it! I've been thinking about you and your Mom and missing you both. Someone asked about the bear on my sofa that I posted this morning. It's one your Mom made and my most precious bear! Please give her my love! Sweet hugs, Diane


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