March 19, 2013

Birch Box February & March

February Birchbox

I didn't feel like this one was so great:
Ghiradelli Chocolate 
Perfume Sample
Nart - BB Cream
Green Nail Polish Sample
and Leave in conditioner and detangler

I haven't tried the nail polish yet.  The BB Cream was way to dark for me to use unfortunately.  But the leave in conditioner and detangler was great! It did make my hair super shiny and healthy looking.

March Birchbox

Now I did LOVE this one...
Nail Polish Strips
Pink hair band
Blueberry scented shaving cream
Nail file
Acne serum

Nail polish strips were a super cute color. Baby blue. The shaving cream smells good and makes your legs super soft.  I haven't used the hair band.  The acne serum works very well.  I have had acne problems since I got pregnant back in November.  So  this stuff you can actually use while pregnant (I was so happy!) It does dry your skin out so you have to use a good lotion at night with it.

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