March 26, 2013

the nursery

My hubby is finishing the drywall and painting everything this week after he gets off work, so Im def in the planning stages of Chloes' nursery.  I'm loving all of these Pinterest.  

Love the dresser with the changing pad on top of it. No need for a separate changing table when it doesn't always get used.

I LOVE everything everything about this picture. Baby on the cloth toy chest.  The name.  The white furniture. The rocker. The rug.

I want do have a organizational system for her closet.

Monogram everything is a MUST.

This is such a cute mobile.

The white night stand next to the glider with owls and a light.

Poms poms. Tree. Glider. Perfect color scheme.

And I Love this one too.  The Pom Poms.  White shelves.

I'm gettings so many ideas from Pinterest. I LOVE it.  We have picked out the crib and dresser so far, haven't found a rocker or night stand yet though.  I can't wait to get started on this project. :)

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