May 24, 2013

hospital bag

Girls, What did you pack in your hospital bag? Ive looked up checklist after checklist and all this stuff they say just does not seem necessary to me. What do you think and what did you pack?


  1. Flip flops, comfy pajamas, undies and nursing bras, a few onesies for the babe, I brought my own swaddle blankets for him, they were much nicer! "Udder cover" so I could still nurse when I had visitors. Going home outfit, a warmer blanket incase it was cold out when we left. Camera, cell charger, cell phone, chapstick. Depending on how long you will be there (I had a c-section) shower stuff.

    The hospital provided nursing pads, diapers, wipes, lotion, nipple cream.

  2. I packed a few snacks for my husband and I, 2 pairs of pjs that button down the front because easier access for breastfeeding, underwear, socks, shampoo and conditioner, razor, make-up, my camera and charger, a hairbrush, 2 outfits for the baby, a outfit for Zach, and shoes!

  3. The one thing I don't see on a lot of people's list that we had to go buy was baby nail clippers! Carsyn did not like her little mittens and her nails were long enough to scratch her face. Wasn't an issue with Hank so you may need them, you may not. I might would pack a baby book or binder of some sort to put some of the paperwork in.

  4. Definitely pack snacks for your husband! It can be a long night/day. You don't really need much for baby unless you plan on doing a photoshoot at the hospital...then you need whatever clothes/outfits you have plan. I packed up pajamas...I sweat pants the entire stay...I was so tired of the hospital gown!


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