July 2, 2013

the bag

Im going to finish up stuff for the hospital bag tomorrow at Target after the 37 week baby appointment. This is what I have packed so far.  I don't want to go overboard on packing a bag but I like to be prepared too.

Comfy PJs to change into
Maxi skirt and tank top to go home in
Socks, Bras, Undies
Mini dryer and straightener
Make up (yes this is a must for me)
Travel size tooth brush etc
A lap blanket ( I always take a blanket or pillow with me to help me sleep better)

A change of clothes
A couple snacks
Travel size tooth brush etc

Diaper bag
Car seat (in the car)
A couple onsies 
Going home outfit

Other Items:
Phone Chargers

Any suggestions or am I forgetting or taking too much?


  1. Bring chapstick. Hospitals are dry. I used my chapstick all the time and everyone kept telling me to remember to take it when I packed my hospital bag. I brought a few outfits for my son but found we didn't really dress him until we went home lol. Although it was suggested to me to bring a couple outfits in different sizes in case he came out gigantic, so I brought a 0 - 3 month outfit and a newborn outfit. Turns out he came out tiny and barely fit into the newborn at all LOL.

    1. thanks! I'll def take some chapstick. :)
      I have a couple of diff sizes packed just in case. Hoping for a small but healthy baby :) I have two onsies a new born and a 3 month. Then a going home outfit that is 0-3 Months :)

  2. I dressed Ace even though they swaddled him. I found out that the long sleeve onesies with the hand cover things were the best (he was born in October. it was hot outside but cold in the hospital.) Fingernail clippers are a good idea to bring and girly cotton hats. I realized Aces head was too big for the hospital knitted kind and I didnt want him to just wear the newborn hospital one. Bring the baby book to get her hand and feet prints ( i forgot his) lol. Pack some snacks, much needed. I had a pair of pjs for each day/night I was there. Since you bleed a lot after giving birth, you feel yucky and want to take a shower a few times and want fresh clothes. If you intend on having newborn pictures, dont forget that outfit. Sorry for so many recommendations! I wish someone told me this.. lol

  3. What an exciting time! I think everyone has helped you with extras to take. Make sure your purse is simple and not too much in it so that you'll feel free to leave the room to walk around. Lotion and chapstick are good ideas. Socks are a must and comfy slippers. I hope you'll keep us updated. I'm not on facebook so I'll check back here. Please let your Mom know that she is in my prayers. I'm praying for you and this sweet baby, too. Hugs from your friend, Diane

  4. Camera with charger.I took my laptop so i could keep my pictures uploaded each day. My son came out 6lb 7oz and the newborn outfit fell off of him. We ended up buying a few preemie outfits so he would have something to wear the first few weeks. It might be a good idea to put a box in your car to bring home flowers and gifts people send. Best Wishes! Amanda


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