August 12, 2013

Chloes First 2 Weeks Home

Chloe’s first two weeks home have been such a blessing for us.  She is such a good baby.  Even though some days we go sleep deprived because our little peanut wont stop screaming, and then we sit there and wonder "okay what are we doing wrong? Why can't we get our child to go to sleep??" It's all part of learning to be parents and I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I have learned just a few things over the past couple weeks..

-My little peanut loves to fall asleep on my chest.  She places her head right where she can hear my heart beat.
-She does NOT like thunder. It spooks her.
-Her bouncer that plays music is a total life saver some nights.
-She loves to be cuddled up in a blanket and to snuggle.
-Breast feeding was NOT for me. (Story for another day)
- She has learned how to grab onto my hair and not let go. “Ouch!”
- She likes to lay on her back on the floor, and watch the tv. I know she can’t really “see” it yet but I think she likes all the colors or something.
-She also loves to do tummy time.


  1. She's such a precious little one!! Glad y'all have had a smooth first two weeks :)

  2. BFing was not for me either-don't beat yourself up about it. Not that I think you are, but people can be so close minded about feeding babies, so just brush it off as best you can. Formula is fine!!! :)

  3. Breastfeeding was not for me either...I pumped for 4 weeks then don't worry about it. :-) The first month was realllly hard..but after that is got better especially once they sleep through the night!!


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