November 20, 2013

3 Months and 4 Months

3 Months Old - October 18th

Found our fingers, like to suck on them a lot.  Miss Chloe got her ears pierced 10/20. Started gripping and playing with toys.  Kicks and moves hands to music.  

4 Months - November 18th

When she wakes up in the morning, and if you don't hear her when she is ready, she will scream.. But as soon as your walk in the room and say Hi Hunny she gives you the biggest smile ever.  It really warms my heart.  She is giggling like crazy.  Loves to watch herself in the mirror.  Rolled over the day after she turned 4 months old.  Mommy did NOT get to see it.  She is sitting up with a little bit of help.  If she holds onto my fingers, she can sit up.  Moved to our new home in Saint Augustine FL.  Her favorite movies are the Little Mermaid and Aladin.


  1. Oh wow I haven't pierced Mya's ears yet..I keep forgetting! I love her bows! Wow 4 months already! time is going by so fast!

  2. Was searching for my GF's blog and came across yours. I started reading and came across your recent post about having your dd's ears pierced. Mine were done by my mom at days old and I looked so cute with earrings in my early baby picures. Everyone looked at her like she was crazy, but the good thing is....I don't remember it, and I have never had any problems.

    This was a perfect age to pierce her ears. I admit that I love the look of little pierced ears on babies and little girls. After asking our ped, she encouraged me to go ahead saying she had done her dd at 6wks old. She gave me some suggestions for moms having their dd's ears pierced which were very helpful.

    I think you’re were a smart mommy for piercing your dd’s ears early. Admittedly, I know a lot of people have strong feelings when to pierce a child’s ear. “Let them decide” is being replaced by parental decision when mommy intuition knows, “earlier is better” from either personal or friend's experiences of unpleasant childhood ear piercing. I think it just depends on your own personal choice whether or not you wish your baby or little girl to have pierced ears.

    If any moms are on the fence and would like more info, then don’t hesitate to write me an e-mail.



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