July 11, 2014

Angel Ornament DIY

A Special Angel Feather Ornament DIY

We all have those special angels in heaven we miss and we could see just one more time.  This ornament is a reminder of our Guardian Angels we have up there in heaven.

Supplies you will need:
Card stock
small feathers
clear glass ornament balls
Ornament Hook

I used Google and found these sayings.  I typed them up in Microsoft Word and found an Angel image to use also.  I printed them on card stock and cut them according to size.  Take some of the small feathers and insert them into the glass ornament ball.  Tie the ribbon on the top along with the card with the saying.  I  chose to use a smaller ribbon so it was easier to tie on the ornament.  Use an ornament hook to hang.

A feather from an Angel,
Is one we rarely see.
But  this one is quite different,
And as special as can be.

The feather is a reminder
Of a special persons love....
Who is now your Guardian Angel,
Watching & protecting from above...

Angel Feather Oranment
I'm from your guardian Angel
That's been assigned to you.
I was dropped in her struggles
While she was protecting you.
Each time you almost stumble
Every time you nearly fall
Give thanks to tose above
For answering your call.


  1. Wow I love these do you have the pdf for them?

    1. I don't have the pdf. I just typed these up in Word. :)


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