November 27, 2010


I was so anxious to start putting out Christmas stuff (the little that I have bought so far).  I decided to put out my Christmas cooking stuff.  I only have 4 coffee mugs, 2 sets of salt/pepper shakers, small and large candy dishes, and cookie jar that is filled with peanut m&ms, measuring cups set, caserole dishes and so on, Boy do I LOVE the Holidays!

Bought this cute little Lilly orgnizer off of eBay Wednesday and got it today in the mail. Talk about super quick shipping.  I love it. Pink, cute, and small.  Did I mention I love eBay.  You can get almost anything on there and for cheaper! (:


  1. Fun! Love your cooking / kitchen stuff. I would totally swap out my kitchen for Christmas if I could! Dishes, decor everything....maybe someday!

  2. I love Lilly and wear it all the time, including now. When we found out we were pregnant again the first thing my husband got me were a bunch of Lilly maternity clothes to match my Lilly purse. Got to love him for that one.


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