November 16, 2010

Florida Football Games

Chris and I have gone to pretty much every Gator Football game this year. We are huge FL fans!! We got some super team spirit. We went to the game with two of our good friends. One of them bought a super fan spandex suit to wear and I painted the other guy blue. It was pretty awesome.
I have another blog. Samanthas Accessories. I decided to make this one for personal, everyday fun. And to keep my other one for a business purposes and giveaways. My Samanthas Accessories blog, is to show off my products. Aprons, stitcheries, pillows, patterns, tarts, ect.
Me and mom have a show this weekend in Savannah. So my parents, Chris, and I are all having a kind of family weekend and going there for the show and to have like a mini vacation. Im so excited I cannot wait.
Chris and I have been together for almost 10 months now. I have to say. I have never been happier than I am now, and we have been through so much together. I cannot wait to see what else our future holds. Chris and I also have two little dogs. Hurley, our 50 lb bulldog mix and Harley a mini pinscher. I love them both so much.


  1. Hey just found your blog..we're huge FL fans too, both grads now living in Alabama! Go Gators (even though they're having a rough season!)

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I'm with Shannon in Ala....although I am not a FL fan, LOL War Eagle-Roll Tide:)


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