January 31, 2011

Misc Monday

So, my MOH and I went out Saturday night.. had a "ok" dinner. Acctually it sucked. We went to Outback.. I ordered Filet and Shrimp. I ordered my filet WELL DONE.. NO blood.. It's not mooing anymore.. Yes girls.. It comes out RARE.. Ew.. I couldn't eat it. It was soo nasty.. Luckily I could take it home to Chris to eat, bc I don't send food back.  You always hear stories of people spitting in your food and stuff and lets face it I dont want that in my food. So dinner blew at that point. Afterwards we went to Sallys.. got me some more hair.. Well it's too long.. I'm waiting on my MOH to come over and help me with it.. I need help lol. Very difficult to put in extensions for me atleast. Idk why. Ugh. Its aggravating. Well with Pink Lou Lou's help on her "how to weave video" Im sure I can get it in ;)

But in good news. Yesterday morning.. We woke up.. Chris wanting to go shopping (YAY) So I bought me a new purse. Well thanks to Aunt Elaine.. We had a gift card to Belk from Christmas, so I only paid $4 for this baby.  A Jessica Simpson purse. I love the print of it. 

How was everyone elses weekend? Great I hope! :)


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