February 3, 2011

While Mommy is away.. The Kids will play..

 "I wish mommy would come home from work."

"I need mommy to snuggle with."

"Maybe I'll go play in the garbage can while she is gone or eat moms remotes."

"I need to go for a long walk tonight."

"Or I'll just stay snuggled up in her covers until she gets home."

"Please tell mom to come home, we are bored and want to play."

Hurley and Harley


  1. i can only imagine what my pup is doing when i'm not home :)

    by the way, i gave you an award on blog!

  2. haha omg what a post :) your little ones are eso cute and probably my little kitten would do the same thing when im away at school all the time ;)

  3. hahaha i LOVE the one of them two snuggling with Harley in the lady bug outfit ;)


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