January 13, 2011

Mom almost Killed My Furbaby

Okay, So she DID NOT try to kill my baby Harley. She about died from eating a milkdud though..  I left her with mom and dad oneday last week while I was at work.  Well I guess my parents were eating some milkduds, dropped one on the floor and didn't know about it.  Well my mom coudn't find my dog anywhere.. When she finally found her she was CHOKING, hacking, coughing, on that damn milkdud. My poor baby.  Tryed prying her mouth open, all she would do is stick her tough out at them. Next.. So the genieus idea... Shake her upside down until it comes out one way or another! I can just imagine my mom standing there, shaking her upside down until she stops coughing.  Lol. It cracks me up everytime I think about it. I could only imagine what my poor baby was thinking while they were shaking her ""What in the hell are these people trying to do to me!?!""



  1. Awww, SO glad that she's okay!

  2. Hey, can't help it , she is like a little vacuum cleaner. Sucking up everything on the floor.

  3. Oh poor puppy, glad she is ok. And she is sooo cute!

  4. OMG. I'm glad she's ok. I love my dogs.

    <3, New Follower


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