January 23, 2011

Putting the Boys to Work This Weekend

I put Chris and his friend to work moving my living room and pool table around. Switched the rooms they were in.  I got tired of walking in my front door and looking at a pool table.  Our home has a much more "homey" feel to it now. I love it. 

Home Tour..

Few of our small decorations on our SUPER WHITE walls. Gahh they need repainted. I need to have some color in my house!

Dining room with our fake fire place. haha.

Close up of the pictures I have on my mantle..

Tmrw.. back to the lovely work week.. Only 2 working weeks left at my job! Yay! So I leave you gals with this.. Night Ladies <3 


  1. Love the song!! I will try to do these patterns. I might need your help though. Love ya.

  2. I love the "love" sign! That's so cute!


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