February 16, 2011

What Im Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving the fact the my fiance' got me these absolutely gorgeous roses for Valentines Day.  He told me we weren't exchanging gifts this year bc we are saving money to go all out on our honeymoon, but my love suprised me. <3

Im loving the fact that my last day at Beck Chevrolet as a receptionist was yesterday.  I come home, Chris looks at me and says" so how does it feel knowing you never have to go back to work again?'  Me:  "Freaking Spectacular! Duh! :)" A salesman cooked me Chicken Catchetori [ yes mom, I know you are reading this and I know I can't spell at all! :) haha] as my going away meal. Im going to miss them! :)

I am loving the face that I now can concentrate on making aprons and tarts for my show in March in Georgia.  Psst. My aprons are for sale here.

I am also loving the fact, Chris's mom is throwing us an engagements party this weekend! I can't wait!

I am also loving that mom got her pet scan today at the Cancer Center on Gville. That means HOPEFULLY she will be cancer free and only two more chemo treaments to go, to make sure the cancer is gone! SO Lets hope for the best. Prayers and hope..Greatly appreciated :) :)

What are you loving on this fine Wednesday?


  1. Loving your ring & praying for your momma! :)

  2. So much I love about this post. Your aprons are to.die.for. Love your ring! Praying for your mom - definitely a blessing to see the light at the end of the tunnel during this process. :)

  3. your ring is gorgeous! will be praying for your mom! My Grandmother had breast cancer & beat it. It's hard to watch them go through the radiation/chemo.


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