April 3, 2011

A Great Way To Spend A Sunday

Put on my apron, made some sangria, and started some baking early this morning.

I made these yummy peanut butter cookies. 

Momma bought me this Cooke Swap book for Christmas, I finally tryed this recipe out of it.  I think we might do a cookie swap this year with somes friends and maybe an open house.  Then...

My Bridesmaid, Jessica came over with her fiance David, along with Chris's dad.  Jessica helped me with wedding planning. I have realized I have a lot done, but so much to do.  I need to get on the ball!  We had some sangria and beer.. and then..

My babes had a long day..

Good night ladies :)


  1. aww what a fun sunday! im hoping to make some cookies TOO today ;) ha have a wonderful monday! xo

  2. Sangria & baking? You are speaking my language!

    Also, LOVE the cute apron!!


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